How to get 500 Free Wii Points.

Here is the number you will need to Enter into your Wii console:

Wii number

Where to enter the number:

Note: In order to complete the process that awards you 500 free wii points you will also need to enter your wii number on the previous page.
1. From your main Wii menu, click on the Wii Shop Channel and click 'Start' on the next screen. The Wii Shop Channel will then load.
how to get 500 free wii points part 1
2. Next Click on 'Connection Ambassador Promotion'
How to get 500 free Wii points part 2
3. Next click on the orange icon on the right hand side.
How to get 500 Free wii points part 3
4. Next enter the number you see on the top of this web-page into the empty box provided.
how to get 500 free wii points part 4
The process could take up to 24 hours but soon you will see your account credited with 500 wii points.

Nintendo will ask you a couple of quick questions like what your primary reason is for connecting your wii to the internet, how you were helped and maybe my age. You can answer them however you like. You will still be credited the 500 points. If it asks you my age, I am 22 years old.

If you need any assistance or run into any trouble you can contact me using the contact form here.

Enjoy your free Wii Points !!  :)