How To Create a Nintendo Wii Shop Channel account

Once you open an online Club Nintendo account you can exchange the stars you get by registering your Nintendo products for points and make purchases in the Wii Shop Channel. You will need to register at least one Nintendo product to open a Club Nintedo account. Stars can also be used to purchase other Nintendo merchandise. I will also show you how you can get 500 Free Wii points.

Inside the box your Wii came in, you should be able to find a rectangular piece of card with club nintendo pin written on the back. Each pin is unique. The card will look like this:
how to create a wii shop channel account card
how to create a wii shop channel account card
1. Once you find it, head over to
2. Here you will be redirected and have to choose which country you are located.
3. Next enter your Wii's product code in the box provided (This is the pin on the back of the card)
4. You will be prompted to create an account and fill in your details. You will also be asked to answer some questions.
5. Once you have created an account, you will also be able to register your other Nintendo products. The more products you register, the more stars you will get. A Nintedo Wii console will get you 1000 stars. Registering a Nintendo DS will get you 500 stars. Games are worth 100 stars to 250 stars depending on what they sold for.
6. You can either keep the stars and use them to buy merchandise or swap them for points which you can then use to buy games inside the Wii Shop Channel.

How do I Exchange Wii stars for Wii points?

Once you have registered an account, you need to go to the Nintendo Points Card Shop. Customers in Europe will need to go to: Here you will login with the same email address and password you registered with on Club Nintendo.

If you only recently registered with Club Nintendo, it might take a little while for the Nintendo Points Card Shop to recognise you. Once you have successfully logged in. You will be shown four different points cards you can purchase.

A 1000 points card will cost 4000 stars.
A 500 points card will cost 2000 stars.
A 300 points card will cost 1200 stars.
A 100 points card will cost 400 stars.

If you make a purchase, you will then be given a Nintendo Points Card Number. It will also be saved in your account. To access it again, click the link that reads 'Your Nintendo Points Number' on the right hand side.
You will need to enter this number in your Wii Shop Channel on your Nintendo Wii in order to start using these points.

How To Access Your Nintendo Points in your Wii Shop Channel

First it is useful to sync your Club Nintendo account to your Wii.
Click on your Wii Shop Channel in your Wii meny and click Start. Next Click on 'Start Shopping'. Click on the button that says 'Settings/Other'. Scroll down and click on 'Club Nintendo Settings'. Enter the email address you used to create your Club Nintendo account. Click 'Link'. Job done.
1. Back at the Wii Shop menu, click on 'Add Wii Points'
2. Click on Redeem 'Nintendo Points Card'
3. Here enter the number of the card you received at the Nintendo points card shop. You can also enter the number of any Nintendo points card you purchased at any retail shop. If you have a credit card, you can also purchase points here directly.
Now I will show you how to get an extra Free 500 Wii points just for connecting your Wii to the internet.
Nintendo Star, how to get 500 points Free