How to find your Wii Number inside your Wii Console

Your Wii console's number is the number you give out to people so they can register you as a friend.  Sharing your number and registering the numbers of other Wii consoles on your machine  allows you to message others, share miis, and play games online with your friends.

Here is how to find out what your unique Wii console's number is.

1. First go to the main Wii menu and click on the button on the bottom-right with an icon of an envelope. This is how to get to your Wii message Board. 
How to find your Nintendo Wii number
2. Next Click on either the envelope in the middle or your address book on the right hand side. If you do not see it, click the blue arrows either side until you find it.
How to find your wii number
3. Here you will be given your Wii Console number.
How to find your Wii number
Now you can give it out so you can play games online with your friends. From this screen you can also register your friends Wii console numbers so they are listed in your address book and added to your system. You can use your Wii console number here to get 500 free Wii points.